Research has shown that sunlight and sea air play an important role in strengthening our bodies' immune system against infections.

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort offers the Go Activate Immunity Now (GAIN) Package, which is specifically tailored to assist you in naturally strengthening your immune system through exposure to sunlight, salty breezes from the ocean, and the consumption of fresh fruits and seafood while maintaining the required social distancing. Experts have indicated that exposure to salty air and early morning sunlight by the beach conveys the following benefits:

1. As sunlight is a natural disinfectant it kills flu, deactivates the influenza virus and kills the bacteria that causes lung and other infections.
2. Sunlight produces Vitamin D for healthier living.
3. You obtain the required daily amount of Vitamin D in just ten minutes, when you stay by the beach between the hours of 8am to 12 noon.
4. With the production of Vitamin D, the nerve, muscle and immune systems work efficiently
5. The sun and the waves combine to completely relax you and reduce stress.
6. You sleep better after a day at the beach.
7. Natural Beauty treatments such as
   - skin exfoliation by coarse sand on the beach
   -detoxification: the warm sun opens the pores of the skin allowing the salt water in the atmosphere to enter the skin's surface and pull out the toxins. This leads to an even skin tone, removal of blemishes and excess oils.
   -antibacterial: the iodine and salt in sea water completely destroy the bacteria and fungi that cause skin breakouts.
8.Reduced inflammation and pain when water aerobics are undertaken.
9. Promote easier breathing during and after a day at the beach as salty air clears lungs.
10. Walking on the sand is twice as effective for bone and muscle development than walking on normal land surfaces Our GAIN Packages will be limited to a maximum of 20 persons per day who will be housed in our 63 acre resort and maintain appropriate social distance. While guests participating in the programme will still be in lockdown, the Resort will provide them with an opportunity to stretch their legs, enjoy the sunshine and boost their immunity system while obeying all social distancing requirements.

The various packages available are : Given the daily limitation on the number of guests we would encourage you to book early. If you have any question or enquiries please contact 07085292796


(2 Adults)

Our Kodi/Laba chalet is a duplex located in a village setting overlooking the ocean and a swimming pool. It has a balcony where guests can sit out and soak in the beautiful view of the ocean. These Chalets each have a bunk sized bed downstairs a king size bed upstairs.


( Max of 6 person's )

The Obieze ( the king's house) is a three-bedroom apartment in a beachfront location. It has a large living room with 3 ensuite bedrooms and a balcony that faces the Atlantic Ocean. From our Anago chalet you can observe monkeys, squirrels and birds at close quarters. Located in a wooded area , this 3 bedroom chalet offers you the tranquility that comes from being beside a mangrove forest . Anago has a large living room and all rooms are ensuite. It also has a balcony that overlooks the forest.


( 8 Adults)

‘Amosan’ is a Yoruba word meaning mud is better. Residents will have the opportunity to stay in the world’s first cosmopolitan and luxurious Mud hut located in the wooded area of the Resort . This chalet has four en - suite bedrooms and two sit out areas with hammocks. It provides residents with the opportunity to observe monkeys and birds. It has two living areas, an inbuilt private pool and mini gym.